Mipsis Occupational Safety & Health 2.0

No Image occupational health and safety. This enables persons with the responsibility for recording and maintaining workplace health and safety records, the ability to better manage the task and ensure successful safety outcomes to minimize the risk of hazards. Using Occupational Safety & Health Software (OSHA) you can standardize your risk management methodology across multiple sites and departments, allowing real time visualization of the risk landscape

Break Time 1.4.50: New OOS and RSI Prevention Software
Break Time 1.4.50

Break Time helps you avoid the weariness (known as Occupational Overuse Syndrome or Repetitive Strain Injuries. Break Time tells you when you should take a break and provides soothing music during the break time. Transparent information window appears level on account of your weariness. The program keeps track of the time you spend on the computer and can help you minimize the negative influence to your health.

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VersaOHS 1.1.6

versaOHS has been specifically designed, in consultation with industry-recognized OH&S consultants, to automate your Occupational Health and Safety reporting and management services. versaOHS is an enterprise OHS system providing a professional, reliable and automated system that allows you to manage your Hazards and Incidents within business and legislative requirements, always with an eye on Industry Standards where they apply.

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